About Bob

1486647_1412508712326069_25243362_nI was born and raised in the tri-county area with most of my time being spent growing up in Mt. Clemens. I grew up hunting rabbits and pheasant and spent time fishing the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair. Back then in the 60’s there wasn’t much to fish for in the Clinton except for carp, bull head and the occasional blue gill and large mouth bass. Boy has THAT changed! We never imagined we’d ever catch steel head there!

In the early 70’s I did my bit for Uncle Sam in the Navy, got out and went to The Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. At the time they only taught radio and taught classes for the 1st class FCC license. No TV in ’78. I had to test for the 3rd class operator’s license back then. It’s no longer necessary. Got my first gig at WMVO in Mt. Vernon Ohio and worked my way back home through Celina and Toledo Ohio to Detroit’s original FM rocker, WABX. I worked a year in Tampa at 95YNF, Tampa Bay’s Rock-n-Roll Pirates then came back home to 98.7 WLLZ Detroit’s Wheels where I spent 9 years. Got involved in the Guitar Army benefit for the Viet Nam Veterans of America Chapter 9 Detroit and in what eventually became known as the Marathon for Meals Food Drive. I also did a 2 year stint at News/Talk Radio 1270 WXYT where I hosted my first talk radio show “Bob Bauer’s Back Talk”. Some of the most fun I ever had was at The Bear as Ted Nugent’s co-host. From there I moved to 97.1 WKRK where I did the live local news breaks for the Howard Stern Show and Kramer and Twitch. Now THOSE two guys were funny. . .I don’t care who you are. Sure do miss them.

This is where the outdoor show got started with the help of my producer/co-host and good friend Mike Buschell. The ideas and programming of the show are mine but Mike is the sound and style of the show. He takes a lot of guff from me but he’s been there all along and I couldn’t have done it with out him. I’ve known Uncle Chuck the longest out of everyone on the show. Our kids grew up together and did scouts together.

Chuck and I have been fishin’ buddies for 15 years. Then there’s Chef Ray whom I’ve also known for 15 years or so. Capt. Dan’s been a big supporter right from the beginning of the show as has been our friends at KD Outdoors starting with Kelly and Dave right on up to the new owners Ken and Rhonda and of coarse Fisherman Mike. Then there’s Doc who came along in our third year. Doc’s been a hell of a friend and happens to have the most popular segment on the show! He’s also my personal Doctor. One of our newer members is Tom “Tell us what we’ve won!” Pardo who came to us from the Detroit Chapter of Safari Club International. Sometimes I think Tom wonders, “how did I wind up with the bunch of dysfunctional knuckle heads anyway?!”. Welcome Tom.

That brings me to the newest members, “The Partners” Jerry Hawkins and Dave Clevinger. They are my business partners in our new company Skyline Entertainment. I’ve known them for two years and they are master outdoorsmen and all around great people. We started putting the company together in June with the sole purpose of furthering everybody’s outdoor adventures through my show “Bob Bauer’s Outdoor World, live from Camp2Fires”. WE OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE SHOW! These guys joined up with us because they believe in the same things the rest of us do. Leave it better than you found it, outdoorsmen have rights and the first and second amendments to the Constitution should be up held AS WRITTEN. That life liberty and the pursuit of happiness aren’t just pretty good ideas. . .they are a way of life! The AMERICAN way of life. Read our mission statement. . .we stand by it to a man!

Yes friends, this is who we are, we are proud of it, and we are damn proud to have you all as friends!

By the way. . .there are a lot of other people to thank that didn’t get mentioned here. . .sorry. . .but this had to end at some point! You know how I am. . .the only thing I like better than the sound of my own voice. . .is reading my words. Something’s never change! (Hey! do you know who I think I am?!)

Thanks to everybody who ever helped us. . .but an even bigger thanks to the people who tried to stand in our way. . .it made us stronger!
Tight lines, shoot straight and God bless!
Uncle Bob.